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Why Use a PEO

PEO: Providing and Expanding Opportunities

A professional employer organization (PEO) creates a co-employment relationship with its clients and undertakes many employee-related responsibilities like human resources, employee benefits, payroll, and risk management. Because the client reports its wages under the PEO’s federal employer identification number (FEIN), the client enjoys a reduction in liability and the many benefits a PEO has to offer. Outsourcing employer-related responsibilities to a PEO has quickly become an attractive option for companies in virtually any industry.

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Benefits of Using a PEO

Alliance Group values our clients and is more than just a PEO service provider. We aim to bring real business solutions that provide invaluable benefits to business owners. Some benefits of using a PEO include:

Customizing services that fit your business model. Through Al

Through Alliance Group, you can mix and match the services you need. For example, if you need payroll services only, we can offer you a payroll specialist who will support your payroll processing. Or if you want Alliance Group to undertake most of your administrative burdens, we are equipped to do so. Not only do we offer a flexible solution for your business, we also pride ourselves on creating efficient services that streamline your operations so you can focus solely on growing your company.

Accessing industry expertise, tools, and resources.

Accessing industry expertise, tools, and resources. Aside from providing services, Alliance Group also offers a single-system technology platform, compliance oversight, full suite of benefit options, and a team of industry experts to support you.

  • Our technology provides a single, comprehensive platform to manage your administrative tasks. From access to HR templates to payroll and tax reporting, our technology is user-friendly and built for business.
  • Through our seasoned team of professionals, we can reduce the liabilities of non-compliance, as well as implement continued education and training support.
  • Additionally, Alliance Group can provide access to Fortune 500 employee benefits to assist in competing for top talent in today’s job market.

To learn more about Alliance Group, drop us a line – we’d love to hear what types of tasks are interfering with your business’s success.