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Employee Benefits

Shaping the Way Benefits Serve You

Alliance Group approaches employee benefits from the same perspective as our clients — we help them identify and provide comprehensive employee benefit offerings they may not be able to find or afford on their own. By using our team, smaller businesses can gain access to unique benefit options that help them compete with larger businesses by leveling the playing field for attracting and retaining the highest quality workforce.

Alliance Group’s benefit options range from basic coverage, like major medical, dental, and vision, to supplementary benefits, such as retirement savings plans, health savings and flexible spending accounts, disability insurance, and life insurance. Aside from offering benefits, Alliance Group also provides benefits administration, including Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) administration, Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting, open enrollment services, and annual healthcare notices to employees.

Additionally, our benefits team can provide ongoing participant education to ensure employees are fully informed about the benefits available, how to use their selected benefits, and what their plans cover.