Why Are You In Business

Why Are You In Business?

A quick look at the history of employment regulation in the United States allows you to answer the following question: “what is the likelihood that regulations will change or increase in the coming years?” It has become increasingly difficult for business owners to develop the in-house expertise or to commit the resources to stay on top of this ever-changing, ever-increasing complex mix of rules, laws, and regulations.

Why Use a PEO?

A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, contractually shares and manages critical human resources, personnel and employer risks for its clients.

Outsourcing employer-related responsibilities has quickly become an attractive option for companies in virtually any industry. It’s easy to see why.

  • Realize improvements in efficiency
  • Enhance your service levels
  • Gain faster and more accurate reporting
  • Transfer the liabilities associated with payroll and worker’s compensation
  • Enlist a professional human resources partner for your employees
  • Help you attract and keep talented people

The results? Improved morale and reduced turnover of your employees overall. With your new ability to deliver a superior package of employee benefits, thanks to lower costs and less-complicated compliance requirements, your bottom line grows.

Productive vs. Non-Productive

What is the goal for your company and your employees?  Is it fair to suggest you would like anyone who is working for your company to be directly impacting revenues or customer experiences?

If you, or any of your staff, are spending time and effort on employer-related compliance or administration — by definition that is non-productive work.

Imagine a company where 100% of your employees are engaged in profitable, productive activities!

Human Resources

Hire, Train, Discipline BEFORE AFTER
Work Scheduling BEFORE AFTER
Pay Rate Determination BEFORE AFTER
Employee Handbook Maintenance BEFORE
Written Job Descriptions BEFORE
Employee Record Management BEFORE
HR Training and Education BEFORE

Employee Benefits

Health, Dental, and Life Insurance BEFORE         n/a
Inquiries and Claims BEFORE
COBRA Administration BEFORE
Section 125 Plan, FLEX Plan BEFORE
401k Administration BEFORE
Census Collection and Maintenance BEFORE
Form 5500 Filing BEFORE

Risk Management

Create Safety Manual BEFORE            n/a
Reporting Inquiries to the Carrier BEFORE
Claims Investigation and Management BEFORE
Handing Medical Bills BEFORE
Annual Work Comp Audit with Carrier BEFORE

Payroll Services

Compute Pay, Withholding BEFORE
Write Checks, Reconcile Accounts BEFORE
Federal and State Tax Payments BEFORE
Federal and State Tax Returns BEFORE
Garnishments Processing BEFORE
Annual W-2 Generation BEFORE


Workers seek financial security, quality benefits, a safe working environment, and opportunities for personal growth. By utilizing The Alliance Group you are telling your employees you value them because you have hired experts to provide support that will impact them; including, timely accurate payroll, PTO tracking and state-of-the-art HR technology.  Your employees will have quality employee benefits at affordable prices. Additionally, human resource functions managed on a more sophisticated level lead to higher job satisfaction and productivity, safety and growth.

All business owners want to focus their time and energy on profit-related functions, not compliance and/or cost-related activities. Most business owners don’t have the necessary resources to single-handedly address human resources, risk management, employee benefits, and regulatory compliance issues. Outsourcing these non-productive activities immediately makes staff more productive and accountable to the primary business objectives.

Business owners like the additional support our consultants can provide dealing with employee related issues.

Experienced staff capable of providing professional human resource services and advice. Look for a PEO with a proven, stable, established track history and the client references to back it up.

The good PEO’s have great technology but also will back that up with in person, on-site visits to your places of employment.

The old adage you “get what you pay for” can also apply to PEO Services.  If your company were to hire just one HR Generalist, the costs for such a person can exceed $50,000 per year.  Our clients gain the advantage of a fully staffed HR department for a fraction of the cost.  The real question ought to be “Can you afford to create and staff your own HR department?”